Care Instructions

All the pieces from Jolie Jewels are of a delicate nature like any other jewellery pieces. To ensure that your pieces continue to sparkle for as long as possible it is important to take extra care of each piece.

–  Ensure you keep jewellery dry at all times, therefore remove before showering and swimming.

– Avoid your pieces coming in contact with perfumes, moisturisers, sweat and body products as these can tarnish and damage your jewellery.

– Avoid sleeping in your jewellery.

– To avoid oxidising wear your pieces often and store your pieces in the original Jolie Jewels jewellery box.

Jolie Jewels pieces are of a high quality and are made to last but it is important that you treat each piece with care as even the highest quality materials can break if not handled with care. Jolie Jewels will not be responsible for replacing any mishandled products.

To clean your jewellery, polish the pieces with a jewellery polishing cloth. 

For any further questions please email us at: